What's Nearby

An incredible day out can be had from The Sill. Just a short walk or drive from the building you can visit some iconic landmarks of Roman Britain. Our staff will be more than happy to show you what’s nearby and help you plan your perfect day.

Travelling East

Take a trip to Steel Rigg and treat yourself to some of the best viewpoints on Hadrian’s Wall. Just a short walk from Steel Rigg Car Park you can see the Wall snaking up and along the crags, with the lake of Crag Lough in the distance. There is a short accessible path close to the Wall that is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

Sycamore Gap is a short walk (approx. 45 minutes) from Steel Rigg. The Sycamore tree is one of most photographed in the country, standing in a dramatic dip on Hadrian’s Wall.

Further east you can visit the remains of a third-century Roman temple at Brocolitia (approx. 10-minute drive). This Mithraic temple is a fascinating ruin dedicated to the god beloved by Roman soldiers.

Hadrian's Wall Walk

Starting from The Sill, you can take a short walk (less than 20 minutes) up to one of the most dramatic sections of Hadrian's Wall.

Travelling West

Travelling west, you can visit Cawfields (approx. 5-minute drive), where Hadrian’s Wall hangs on the edge of the sheer crags of the Whin Sill. Cawfields features public toilets including changing facilities, an information point and a sheltered picnic area. It’s a great starting point to walk to Milecastle 42 and a great stretch of Hadrian’s Wall.

Easy walks and picnics can be enjoyed at Walltown Country Park. It’s great to explore the area with its tall crags around the large hollow left after quarrying. Here you can see how Hadrian’s Wall was built on the sheer north-facing edge of a great wave of volcanic rock.

Walltown Country Park features woodland, meadows, a wildlife lake, car parking, cafe and toilet facilities. It provides good access to Walltown Craggs, just a 10-minute walk, where you’ll find some of the best preserved sections of Hadrian’s Wall.

The small village of Greenhead lies just outside the Northumberland National Park, down the road from Walltown. You can visit Thirlwall Castle, a 12th-century castle on the bank of the River Tipalt.