30 September to 01 October 2023

In an era where stress and sedentary lifestyles take a toll on our wellbeing, natural environments hold the key to rejuvenation and fulfilment. Enter the Natural Health Service – an initiative that recognises the transformative power of nature on mental and physical health.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Northumberland National Park, our Natural Health Service offers an incredible opportunity to improve well-being, reconnect with nature, and embark on thrilling adventures throughout the weekend.

Whether you seek mental tranquillity, physical fitness, or family bonding, the Park’s diverse offerings cater to everyone.

So, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and surrender to the healing embrace of Northumberland National Park. Let nature be your guide to a healthier, happier you.

Explore our events and activities below.

Pop up Yoga and Sound Bath Taster Sessions

Take your well-being journey a step further by participating in wellness workshops. From yoga and meditation amidst nature’s serenity to learning quick and effortless ways to relax and recharge through yoga and sound baths.

A photo of two women performing yoga poses

Connect with like-minded individuals, reinvigorate your spirit, and learn useful skills to integrate into your daily life.

Secure your spot on our Yoga and Sound Bath Taster Sessions here.

Nature Journalling

Northumberland National Park is renowned for its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and creative types alike.

A photo of journalling materials laid out on a mat

Journalling is a wonderful way to connect with what is happening around you. Join our Nature Journalling Workshop on the 1 October, where artistic or literary skills aren’t needed, just a peaceful spot, your senses and a willingness to put on paper all that you experience! Write, sketch, stick things in, and create a record of the day through a journal entry.

Book your Natural Journalling Workshop Tickets here.

Run for It

Take part in our annual 6.5 mi Run Hadrian’s Wall event on 30 September.

Spot rare birds, such as the red grouse and curlew, or capture the beauty of wildflowers, ancient ruins, and shimmering lakes as your legs carry you along some of the most spectacular sections of Hadrian’s Wall and immerse yourself in the Park’s natural wonders. Cool down at the finish with yoga and breathwork, then relax and refuel with freshly made pizzas from the wood oven.

Book your tickets for Run Hadrian’s Wall with the National Park (6.5 Miles) here.

Walk to Wellbeing at Walltown

As part of our Wellbeing Weekend join this easy circular walk on the 30 September. We start at the impressive Walltown Country Park then step back in time and walk along some of the most dramatic and lesser-known parts of Hadrian’s Wall.

A photo of a stretch of Hadrian's Wall at Walltown Crags

Walltown Country Park is formed from an old quarry site which closed in the 1970’s. The nature recovery that has taken place since then has left us with a fantastic site to start our walk. After exploring the country park, with its birdlife, ponds and peace labyrinth we will walk up to a conserved section of Hadrian’s Wall and walk along the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail.

Book your Walk to Wellbeing tickets for the 30 September here.

Wellbeing Fair

The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre is hosting a special two-day Wellbeing Fair on 30 September and 01 October.

A photo of visitors entering The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre

Why not treat yourself or a loved one with an artisan gift? Everything is locally made and environmentally conscious. Products include natural skincare, herb blends, chocolates, lovingly handcrafted artwork, ceramics, jewellery and much, much, more. The Wellbeing Fair will be open both days, 10am -5pm. Entrance is free but parking charges apply.