Make a Pledge Banner for Earth Day

Our Wild Wednesdays are designed for families to carry out environmental activities together during school holidays. A positive thing about schools being closed at the moment is that we can have a Wild Wednesday every week.

This week‘s Wild Wednesday invites you to get involved with Earth Day. Its 50 years since the first Earth day on April 22nd 1970 and 30 years before the idea was seen as world-wide rather than just America. Earth Day is seen as a “Day of action to change human behaviour”* You can read more about the history of Earth Day and its aims here . You might choose to sign up to the Earth Day movement, join a digital event from anywhere in the world or watch live as 24 actions for the planet that you can take now are revealed.

But remember, our Wild Wednesdays are about doing fun environmental activities together as a family. I love making my own personalised pledge banners and hanging them up to remind me of things I’d like to do. I did this for my new year’s resolutions and for giving up chocolate for Lent and its seems to me that after checking out Earth Day online, a poster will be what I need to do to keep focused on those pledges.

An embroidered banner

So here is the plan:

First – Decide on a Family Banner Master – you will be the person in charge of the finished piece.

Second – Everyone writes down two or three things they think they can do to take action for climate change over the next two months – it’s good to set a time limit as somethings could be seasonal such as grow salad in containers. Also it’s easy to check-in and see if you are actually doing it if you set a manageable timescale! If the ideas are really personal you could assign colours to individuals.

Third – Everyone can add to a finished piece or give contributions to the Banner Master to co-ordinate.

Here are some examples of how you can make your pledges:

Make a simple poster with coloured pens.
Create an embroidered banner-harder to do but you’ll be proud of the result
Make  a collage of post its & mag pictures
Write messages on a hand drawn tree or a real tree


A hand drawn tree

Lastly, if your Banner Master is great with I.T. you could involve members of your family who live elsewhere by collecting photos or doodles from everyone, creating a photomontage and then using it as a family screensaver then your pledges will pop up every time you go online.

It would be great to see some photos of your pledge banners.