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Science, Geography, History

In this two-part session, pupils will begin their investigation with a session in school, led by a member of the learning team, to find out about the River Breamish – its route, its unique features, and its amazing wildlife. Through interactive games, pupils will also learn about the important work the National Park does in conserving our clean rivers, and why this is so important.

The second part of the investigation will take place on site at the River Breamish, where pupils will explore the river and the surrounding areas, investigate the river’s characteristics, discover the animals that live beneath the surface and understand how it has shaped the landscape over the centuries.

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Booking Information

Due to river conditions and temperatures we advise that this session should usually take place between May and September.

Location: Session 1 in school. Session 2 at Bulby’s Wood (Breamish Valley).

Duration: Session 1, 1 hour 30 minutes. Session 2 full day on site (timings dependant on travel time from school to site).

Maximum number of pupils: 30

Cost: £260 (cost for field trip only £180)

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