Age group:
KS1 - 5

History, Geography

Take a walk from The Sill with one of our experienced guides, to be immersed in the landscape and find out about the historical features in the area. The route follows the line of the Vallum – the series of Roman ditches and mounds that lie just south of Hadrian’s Wall – leading on to Sycamore Gap, the famous tree that stands in a dramatic dip on Hadrian’s Wall. The walk will also include a stop at Milecastle 39, also known as Castle Nick, to find out about the Roman occupation of the site and take in the dramatic views of the surrounding landscape.

The same route will be taken back to The Sill. Please note, schools will be responsible for providing a back marker for this walk.

Booking information

Location / Starting point: The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre

Duration/distance:  Approximately 90 minutes. Approximately 2 miles

Maximum number of pupils: 30

Cost: £40

To book please submit an enquiry via our online form.