A series of workshops aimed at a variety of age groups

The Lost Spells learning programme for schools includes a series of workshops aimed at a variety of different age groups, using the themes of The Lost Spells book and associated exhibition, The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices, to connect young people with nature. The beautiful artwork and words by artist Jackie Morris and writer Robert MacFarlane provide a wealth of inspiration for activities associated with a variety of different subjects and themes, ranging from art and literacy to habitats, music, and citizenship. 

There are led sessions available for pupils from Early Years to Key Stage 3, with accompanying self led resources for groups of all ages to use in the exhibition, and digital resources to print and use in school.

Please get in touch with the learning team via learning@nnpa.org.uk to discuss the variety of options available, and bring your class to The Sill to be inspired to get creative and connect with the nature around them.