Planetarium at the Twice Brewed

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Northumberland National Park’s Dark Sky Park status, groups visiting The Sill can combine their visit with a trip to The Twice Brewed Inn and their purpose built 360 degree immersive planetarium dome.

Children of all ages can explore the magic of the sky above, diving into the history of our dark skies formation. To the stars and beyond, explore the universe like never before on an exciting adventure, taking you on a journey around the Aurora – soak up the science behind the sun, travel through Nebulas, get among Saturn’s rings & much more.

Booking information

The indoor multimedia planetarium experience has 4 main feature shows:

  • Little Star – aimed at younger children from 4-10
  • We Are Aliens – for families and children 10 to 18
  • From Earth to the Moon (new) families and children 10 to 18
  • From Earth to the Universe – focused at 14 years +

Curriculum subjects: Science

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: £120

Location: Twice Brewed Inn

Maximum number of pupils: First School 35, Middle School 30, High School 28

Parking for coaches is available within the Twice Brewed Inn carpark.

This activity is led and managed by staff at The Twice Brewed Inn. To book please email  or visit the website