Age group: KS2 Subjects: History, Geography, Maths

This two-part session, held at The Sill, focuses on Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age history, using the fantastic archaeological examples of these time periods that can be seen in the National Park.

Pupils will begin their investigation with an interactive session all about archaeology, finding out what being an archaeologist involves, and understanding how exactly we are able to find out about life in the past. Pupils will also get the chance to take part in their own mini excavation!

The second part of the investigation is led by staff in costume from Ancient Britain – please visit their website for more information.  This session will introduce pupils to what life was like during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, using a variety of replica objects and costumes. 

Special Offer: Groups that book this session have the opportunity to book our Pre History loans box for the reduced price of £20, to continue learning about the subject back at school with the objects and information included.


Booking Information

Location: The Sill

Duration: Full day

Maximum number of pupils: 60

Cost: £280

To book or for more information please submit an enquiry via our online form.