Age Group: KS2 Subjects: Science, Geography

What are rocks? Are they all the same? This interactive session, delivered either in The Sill or in school, introduces pupils to the unique and fascinating geology of the north east, using maps and a large variety of rock samples. Find out about the dramatic formation of the Whin Sill, the rocky outcrop on which Hadrian’s Wall was built, and about Northumberland’s extinct volcano! Pupils will learn about the three main types of rock, how to categorise them, and understand how rocks are formed.

Special Offer: Groups that book this session have the opportunity to book our Geology Rocks loans box for the reduced price of £20, to continue learning about the subject back at school with the rock samples and information included.


Booking information

Location: The Sill or in school

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes approx

Maximum number of pupils: 30

Cost: £90

To book or for more information please submit an enquiry via our online form.