Touring with the Kids Guest Post

Hadrian’s Wall is a fantastic place to explore with the family, with lots of great picnic spots and views to experience with your loved ones. Little Trekkers ambassador, Touring with the Kids, share their top places to visit with your family along Hadrian’s Wall.

When you think of visiting Hadrian’s Wall, it almost sounds as if it’s some place for a grown up adventure, a big challenge to follow the entire Hadrian’s Wall Path Trail. But there are in-fact several spots along the wall which are perfect for taking the kids on their own mini adventures, which make for a great day out for the whole family.

Walltown Quarry Country Park

Occupying a position on the line of Hadrian’s Wall, this now disused quarry has been filled in and landscaped providing the perfect haven for wildlife. It’s a short but steep uphill walk to find what is left of Hadrian’s Wall, but it provides you with spectacular views of the surrounding, rolling countryside.

A yong boy with blue shorts, looks out over the expanse of Walltown Country Park from high up on Wallcrags Crags.

Jack absolutely adores this place as there are so many rocky crags to climb on, and he will often ask us to take him here. There is also a newly refurbished visitor centre on-site where you can purchase refreshments, including hot and cold drinks

Cawfields Quarry

If you’re wanting a quick walk to visit a fine stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, then this place is perfect. Pack some lunch with you too as it doubles up as an amazing picnic spot. Hadrian’s Wall climbs up to the top of the crags here overlooking the old quarry and there are steps for you to walk up.

A young boy, with his back to the camera, looks out over the lake at Cawfields Quarry

Once you reach the top, turn around and admire the views of Milecastle 42, before exploring it further. It’s also a designated dark sky place, so if you’re up for a bit of stargazing, then you have the option to stay overnight.

Birdoswold Roman Fort

Aside from parking fees, this is the only paid attraction on the list. Technically, you can reach the section of Hadrian’s Wall without visiting the fort itself, but why would you want to do that? So head on in and explore the ruins of the Roman fort, a Turret and Milecastle.

A father and young daugher look our over the site of Birdsoswold Roman Fort

Piper and Jack loved exploring the ruins here, and it’s an amazing place for igniting their imaginative play. It’s so intriguing to wonder how it may have looked back when it was first built. They often have family events here, so do keep a look out on their website to see what’s on.

Sycamore Gap

This is perfect for the more adventurous kids! Those who perhaps fancy putting a few more miles in to get a greater reward. Starting from Steel Rigg Car Park, there is a great 4 mile circular loop incorporating Hadrian’s Wall, Milecastle 39, the famous Sycamore Tree as well as Crag Lough.

A photograph of Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall. A walker stands looking down to the tree below under cloud filled blue skies.

The first part of the walk involves quite a bit of steep climbing up and down the crags, but it’s not long before you reach the Milecastle and soon after that, the Sycamore tree comes into view. Did you know that this tree featured in a very famous movie? If it looks familiar it may well be because of its starring role in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1992).

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