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Discover the Flow Country at The Sill.

The Exhibition is all about the peatlands of the Flow Country, which stretches through Caithness and Sutherland in the far north of Scotland and is the best blanket bog of its type in the world. It is currently under consideration for inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in light of its international importance for biodiversity. 

It is a place of vast inspirational landscapes, an epic backdrop to fascinating and beautiful details, from soaring hen harriers to insectivorous plants.  Learn more about peatland with an innovative 3D landscape model, an interactive game and film produced by award-winning Maramedia (who produced the BBC Highlands series).

The Exhibition runs from 2nd March to 22nd April.

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The Flow Country area is also of key significance in Britain’s efforts to mitigate climate change. There is more carbon locked up in the peat of the Flow Country than in all of the UK’s forests combined.

Keeping this carbon locked away is vital in helping to regulate the climate’s planet and work is ongoing to restore areas damaged by past management. 

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