The Lost Words Exhibition is now closed.

The Lost Words Exhibition is now closed.

The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre is awash with nature, setting the National Park alight with spells in gold through The Lost Words Exhibition, on tour from Compton Verney. Visit us to celebrate the relationship between language and the living world, and of nature’s power to spark the imagination.

Since its publication in 2017, The Lost Words, a book by Robert Macfarlane and artist Jackie Morris, has not only become a publishing phenomenon but also captured the public’s imagination in a way rarely seen before.

It has spawned a movement, engaging people with the natural world, inspiring them to connect with the nature around them.

This unique, award-winning collaboration has been widely praised for helping to reconnect adults and children with the natural world using the power of words and art. Suitable for all ages, the exhibition will feature 20 acrostic spell-poems written by Robert Macfarlane and 50 beautiful watercolour originals which were used to create the book. The illustrations use gold leaf to bring nature to life and to help people to go on a journey where the familiar appeals magical once more.

“I want The Lost Words to delight the mind and the eye and send children to sleep dreaming of wild things.” Jackie Morris

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