The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices

The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices, is an exhibition of artwork and words by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane.

This touring exhibition curated by Northumberland National Park, in association with Hamish Hamilton and Penguin Books, is now available to hire at your venue. 

The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices is an immersive exhibition which features original artwork, soundscapes, and interactive experiences. A follow-up to the critically acclaimed literary phenomenon, The Lost Words – The Lost Spells invites readers to summon back what is often lost from sight and care by reading aloud spell-poems that conjure the sights and sounds of the natural world. 

The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices showcases original artworks by Jackie Morris alongside poems written by Robert Macfarlane. An interactive allows visitors to create their own songs of nature using live recordings of wildlife including owl, fox, and curlew. A digital glossary featuring Jackie’s artwork from The Lost Spells will introduce wildlife native to the UK explaining more about their natural habitats. 

A series of spoken word pieces, wild nature calls, and acoustic music created by musicians from the Spell Songs ensemble – the musical evolution of The Lost Words and The Lost Spells books – will create an ambient soundscape which invites audiences to listen to what nature is telling us. 

The exhibition also features a recording of a song by vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Cosmo Sheldrake.  

Testimonials from original exhibit

Visitors described the exhibition as magical, poignant, peaceful, inspiring, and spellbinding.   

“I’m 40 years old. The Spell Songs have provided enormous comfort during hard times – nature is so wonderful and calming​” 

“When we spend time enjoying nature it makes us more inclined to want to protect it for future generations”.​ 

“Thank you so much for creating such a magical place. It brought me peace and me and my kids spent so long in here!” ​ 

“I loved learning new information and looking at the pictures, most of all I loved seeing the smiles on my kids faces as they listened and learned. Thank you” 

Writer Robert Macfarlane adds: “The fabulously varied landscapes of the North East are close to my heart – from coast to moor, forest to hill-top – so it’s a joy to see our book, The Lost Spells, at the centre of this brilliantly curated and original exhibition at The Sill. I hope that it will help visitors young and old to listen afresh to nature’s wild wonders, and to tune in to the lives, songs and voices of the creatures and plants with whom we share the world.” 


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The Lost Spells Touring Exhibition

A photograph of artist Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris


“It is more important than ever to listen to the many voices of the more than human creatures that share this land. The Sill is built in a place surrounded by wild lives and I cannot think of a better venue for this exhibition. The swallows in The Lost Spells were drawn from birds nesting on the building next door, curlew call overhead, owls are close and the landscape is stunning in all its weathers.”