John Fowler Art Exhibition

Local artist John Fowler will be displaying artwork at The Sill from Monday 11 April to Sunday 05 June in celebration of the year-long festival, Hadrian’s Wall 1900.

John said: “I paint trees, along with animals and people – portraits and the human form. After moving to live in the high Pennines twenty years ago, the upland landscape became highly motivational for me with a growing fascination for the many abandoned buildings that can be seen throughout these Northern valleys. I find these buildings are a poignant reminder of past farming and mining generations and, inspired by them, have gradually developed a series of paintings which I call ‘absence’.

If these remnants, often unseen or overlooked, are painted well the unremarkable can suddenly become remarkable. That is my aim.

My approach is energetic and quite varied, ranging from realism to abstraction. I am interested in capturing mood and character with a strong use of texture, colour and drawing. I enjoy invention, experimenting with varied media and a feeling for design.”

John’s paintings are in private collections and have been exhibited in galleries in the North of England and Scotland. His work can currently be found in: Signature Gallery (Kendal), The Flat Cat Gallery Lauder, Percy House Gallery (Cockermouth), The Forge (Allendale), and Kilgallon Gallery (near Beltingham).

The artwork will be displayed on the first-floor corridor at The Sill, and is free to view. All artwork will also be available to purchase.