Celebrate World Environment Day

Remember back in April when we celebrated Earth Day and gave some thought to how we might all tackle Climate Change?  World Environment Day on Friday 5th June is another great opportunity for everyone across the globe to consider the natural world. The theme for World Environment Day is Time for Nature and there are some great online events that you can see here.

Of course we are all now have a bit more freedom to immerse ourselves in nature. Here are some ideas how to slow down and really make Time for Nature.

Follow a trail in your local area or even set one up. It’s a great way of taking a different route or looking off the beaten path. I followed a very simple pom pom trail in our local wood which made me look upwards into the tree canopy.

A pom-pom handing from a tree

Talking of trees, forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku, is a relaxation activity that has long been appreciated in Japan. It’s not hard. Just find a woodland walk, switch off your devices and switch on your senses. Smell the air, feel the bark, notice the small insects living on and under the tree, listen to birdsong without trying to identify the birds (apologies to our ecologist!). If you are not near woodland you can do all these things sitting under a favourite tree near you. If you feel that people will wonder what you are doing just take a book as a prop!

A large tree in an urban environment

Another thing you may want to do that allows you to sit quietly and take time for nature is to capture a memory. The easiest way to do this is to take a photograph , but why not take small pebble and felt tip pens and  paint a memory of the natural world on it? You can leave this outside your house to remind you what you saw when you get back to a routine of rushing out to school or work.

A small rebble with a rabbit painted on it

Back to online activity, Climate Action North East are organising some great talks relevant to our area. You may get some ideas about how to continue making time for nature in your new normal.

I’ll leave with a simple quote worth remembering from the World Environment Day Website:

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature.