An A-Z of Nature

Nature is all around us. What can you see from your street, your garden, or even your window? It’s time to really look at the view that you see every day. Try this activity if you can go out for a walk, or out into your garden, or just by looking at what you can see from your windows.

Make a set of letters from A-Z

Cut up paper or card and write a letter on each one. You could even use stones and paint if you can find enough! I managed to find some good flat stones while out on a walk. When you have made the letters, put them in a box or bag and pick one out.

three stones and the letters A, B and C painted on them

See if you can find something outside that begins with that letter, or think of a descriptive word to describe what you can see. Perhaps you can see a Tree, or something Green, or something Small, or something with Wings. Perhaps the day is Bright or Cold or Rainy.

When you have a list of words you can easily make a nature poem by matching words together.

Bright, windy

Trees sway

Green leaves

Muddy grass

wildflowers and grass

Try and write an acrostic poem, where the first letter of every verse spells out one of the words you have selected.

Tiny part of a tree

Winds its way down to the ground,

It finds a home on the grass

Getting ready for me to find.

a green and yellow bush in a garden

A non standard acrostic poem uses letters in the middle of each verse to spell out a word.

So tall it Touches the sky

Its trunk is Rough and brown

A homE for creatures big and small

Now spring is here its lEaves will grow

a photograph of four trees in the sun

I tried this on my daily walk, and was amazed at the colours, shapes, and wildlife I could see in the places I look at every day – things I hadn’t necessarily noticed before; plants and trees. I saw lots of birds and a couple of rabbits as well.

If you take any pictures or write a poem, please share them with us by tagging @NlandNP on Twitter and Facebook.