10 June 2014

Take a look at The Sill project progress

The Sill project has come a long way since development phase funding was achieved in 2012, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Here we take a look back over our timeline of key milestones since project inception in 2012, whilst looking forward to the future and planned next steps.

Watch this space – The Sill timeline will be developing before your eyes and our website is the best place to come to for all our project updates. You can also find The Sill on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The Sill – a timeline of activity

Looking back…

September 2012
HLF development phase funding achieved

First step – project inception. We were delighted to achieve HLF funding to take us through the development phase of The Sill project in September 2012.

March 2013
Design team appointed

The Sill project is formally announced to the public, with the unveiling of our appointed core design team. A very snowy March day at Steel Rigg and our Once Brewed site, marked the memorable announcement day which introduced the design team including architects' Jane Darbyshire and David Kendall; construction project managers, Gardiner and Theobold; building services and sustainability consultants, Halcrow and our civil and structural engineers, Patrick Parsons.

March 2013 design team appointment 

May 2013 – January 2014
Public consultation and partner meetings

The Sill project enters a highly consultative phase where members of the public had a fantastic opportunity to share their ideas and feedback at a series of open consultation events which took place with some 1,700 people in total as the design evolved.

Public input highlighted the importance of a building sitting sympathetically in the landscape, with the designs showcasing a fine example of participative design – reflective of the concept, 'inspired by the landscape and of the landscape.'

Sill public consultation events 

It was great to have the opportunity to consult with so many people via the consultation events, one-to-one meetings, focus groups and activity sessions and we were delighted to announce the final designs for The Sill in January 2014 – designs the public had a unique opportunity to shape.

Sill activities taking place 

February 2014
Design completed

The final design for The Sill project is officially signed off – a very exciting time and an exemplar future building that the whole of the project and design team is extremely proud of.

Final design launch 

April 2014
Planning application submitted

Now complete, The Sill design enters the planning phase with the outcome to be determined in autumn 2014.

Next steps…

September 2014 – Planning application determined
Autumn 2014 – Local growth fund £2m bid results
December 2014 – Raise £1m from other sources
January 2015 – HLF decision on £6.9m bid
March 2015 – Start construction phase and 2015 events / activities


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