6 August 2014

Master class catches photography competition winner’s imagination

Photography competition winner Martin Ellis has added to his experience behind the camera lens thanks to a master class with Cain Scrimgeour.

Martin was crowned the winner of The Sill's first photography competition after his entry – titled Usway Burn – impressed the panel of expert judges and included in his prize was a one-on-one session with established photographer Cain.

The pair travelled to Greenhaugh, near Kielder, in the heart of the Northumberland National Park to the meadow fields where Cain instructed Martin on some of the ways to enhance his photography skills.

Martin said: "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cain, he was very laid back about the whole thing, like me, and he is a very talented photographer."

The content of the meadow photographs mainly focused of the wild flowers found there as well as the insects which Cain helped Martin to identify.

Greenhaugh 1

Cain said: "Martin is already a very skilled photographer and that was apparent by his beautiful picture of Usway Burn which won him the competition. It was great to be able to meet him and take him out to Greenhaugh, which is one of my favourite places in Northumberland to take photographs."

Martin and Cain also visited a river in the small woodland nearby where they experimented with the ways the light caught on the water and took close up pictures of the wildlife, even spotting some otter tracks on the bank.

"When I take photos they are often of open expanses and large landscapes but the thing that Cain taught me was how to take photos of the smaller details like an individual flower, and how find so many things in such a small area. The more intimate landscape is something I've been hoping to develop and working with Cain has opened up many new and exciting possibilities," added Martin, from Gateshead.

Photograph taken by Martin

This master class is an example of the many ways The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre and its project developers - Northumberland National Park and the YHA England - are encouraging people to enjoy the stunning Northumberland countryside, discover more about the region's beautiful landscapes and to create something that highlights what the area has to offer.

Cain said: "I hope Martin feels inspired from the time he spent with me during the workshop to return to Northumberland National Park to take even more photographs that showcase the parks diverse landscapes."

The next stage of the photography competition is now underway and open for entries. For more details, visit www.thesill.org.uk/support/the-sill-photo-competition-gallery

Photograph by Cain Scrimgeour

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