19 July 2013

Heworth students take part in MICCI project with The Sill team

Sixth form students from Heworth Grange school have been taking part in real scientific research to help a national scheme looking at climate change.

The students have been busy working alongside The Sill project team and Albion Outdoors, fieldwork providers, in Northumberland National Park, on the Moorland Indicators of Climate Change Initiative, known as MICCI. MICCI is a nationwide project to collect data for moorlands to assess their health and effectiveness at trapping atmospheric carbon and thereby combatting climate change.

The students were working alongside The Sill team as it develops its programme of learning and participation activities, supporting one of the project's key aims to facilitate the enjoyment and conservation of the natural landscape.

Georgia Villalobos, Learning and Participation Coordinator for The Sill Project, said: "The MICCI project is hugely important, of national significance, and the Heworth students' research and data collection will now contribute towards the study to measure the impact of the carbon in peat moorlands on climate change. It was great to see young people helping to support the environment and enjoying a day in the outdoors.

"National Parks are protected areas because of their stunning landscapes and ecologically important habitats, which act as a vital natural resource for local communities. The Sill project is a fantastic opportunity for Northumberland National Park and beyond, helping us facilitate our vision to support this invaluable area of natural beauty for generations to come."

The Heworth students were also given the opportunity to share their ideas on the development of The Sill's activity programme. Their favourite ideas included star gazing, adventure activities and working with the rangers and wildlife. They also brought with them a number of other suggestions for the project team to consider, including yoga sessions, horse riding trails, farming and rural activities and Park wide events.

If you would like to find out more about ways in which your school or community group can get involved in The Sill project, call us on 01434 605555 or email us at thesill@nnpa.org.uk

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