Historic Geocaching Trail

The ultimate outdoor treasure hunt in Northumberland National Park

Uncover the hidden history of Northumberland National Park, with an exciting outdoor adventure fit for the digital era, offering hours of fun for treasure hunters of all ages.

Hadrian's WallThe Sill project has launched an Historic Heritage Geocaching Trail, to help introduce more people to the popular treasure-hunting sport of geocaching and the history and heritage of the magical county of Northumberland.

All you need to get started is a handheld GPS device. Simply input the coordinates specified for each location into your device or GPS smartphone* app and let it guide you to eight 'caches' hidden in unique locations across all corners of the National Park, from the south west corner at Thirlwall Castle to the northerly point of Ad Gefrin near Wooler.

These waterproof treasure boxes are filled with hidden goodies such as trinkets and a logbook, which you can leave your own message in.

The free trail will take you on a fascinating journey through time, encompassing everything from ancient Neolithic pastimes at Lordenshaws, with its 4,000 year-old stone carvings, to Second World War Coquet Stop Line pillboxes, which follow the line of the River Coquet.

Remember to plan your trip out fully beforehand – you're responsible for your own safety while taking part in the trail, so being prepared will ensure you have a great time and enjoy the sport safely.

If you're on the hunt for an exciting new challenge, want to discover new places and have fun with all the family in the fresh Northumbrian air, whatever the weather, start your geocaching adventure in Northumberland National Park.

Some top geocaching tips

Visit www.geocaching.com to discover the geocache community and find out more about this exciting sport and to find the hints to get the geocaches. You can also log your finds on this site and disclover lots more geocaches to search for.

Ad GefrinInformation about this new geocaching trail, including the latitude and longitude coordinates for each cache location, can be found at The Sill website www.thesill.org.uk, so you can be fully prepared before you set out.

Make sure you take your map and GPS device along with you to search for the caches. Don't forget to keep moving so the GPS can always pick up your location.

When you find each cache, a good trick is to leave your own special trinket behind, or a message in the cache logbook, ready for the next treasure hunter to discover. The general rule all geocachers follow is 'if you take a trinket, leave a trinket, and write in the logbook.'

Geocaching is a great game of hide and seek – don't forget to log your own geocaching story and share your recommendations at www.geocaching.com

*Smartphone signal may not be accessible at remote Northumberland location.

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